Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership. To add a testimonial of your own, submit it on the Customer Survey page.

"I needed repair on my 2008 Rhino. Took it into a dealer in my home town. Got it back two months later (missed hunting season). The same thing went wrong 100 miles later, took it back to same dealer. They repaired it again, but same problem when I ran it again. I then had lost six months of use and nearly $1000 dollars, and still the same problem. Took the machine to Plaza, they fixed the problem. I also had them do some other work while it was in their shop. Out in two weeks (mostly waiting for parts). They charged me half of the other dealer, plus they did more work. The machine runs better than new. Have put 2000 miles on it since, still runs great. Very nice people to deal with. Straight talk, no BS or run around. I rate them the very best." David | Provo, UT
"Best motorcycle and ATV dealer around, very caring and helpful." Elwin | Walsh, CO
"I have conducted business with many different dealerships over the years, but Plaza Power Sports has been the best by far. To say that they have GREAT customer service would be an understatement. Brandon in particular has been great to work with." Brandon | Salt Lake City, UT